An Internet Lawyer For Your Business

Richard A. Chapo, Esq.
Doing business online these days without retaining an Internet lawyer is the equivalent of playing Russian Roulette – it probably isn’t going to end well. The business is going to run into legal issues sooner, rather later. The days of the Internet being the Wild Wild West are long gone and you need an experienced Internet business lawyer to protect you from very costly legal mistakes when operating online.

Experienced Internet Attorney

With 20 years of experience, California lawyer Richard Chapo provides quality legal services to clients ranging in size from large international corporations to small blogs operated by individuals posting for the pure joy of helping others out. From terms of use to website development agreements to privacy compliance and copyright protection, there are now federal and state laws every business must take into account when operating online.

When you retain business attorney Richard Chapo, you can sleep peacefully at night knowing your business is protected. Read what his clients have to say about him here.

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