A Lawyer Gone Wild – The Great Russian Adventure

A decade or so ago, I took a year off to live and work in Russia. The destination was a city by the name of Chita located in Siberia- the “City of Exiles.”

I have to admit the year spent in Russia was a great adventure. I am often asked to describe the city, which is difficult. A friend recently sent me a promotional video for Chita, which you can see below. The video is heavy on the “promotion” since you will notice a lack of winter footage, but it is a video of the city nonetheless. Enjoy!


I get a number of questions regarding Russia and the trip, so let me answer them quickly.

1. Do Russians really drink as much vodka as advertised?

A. No. They drink MORE. I pickled my liver. Seriously.

2. How cold did it get in winter?

A. It got down to -10 to -20 degree Celsius in my area.

3. Strangest thing I discovered.

A. How high the temperatures would rise. When I arrived in the summer, it was regularly in the 90s. Not exactly parka weather.

4. Did I marry a Russian?

A. No. Very close, but no.

5. The worst part of the trip?

A. I spent a day picking potatoes by hand. Worst…job…ever.

You will have to wait to read the book I am going to write about the trip someday to get further information!

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