Interview with Stephen Woessner for Onward Nation Podcast

My interview on the Onward Nation Podcast with host Stephen Woessner. Topics range from general Internet law issues to business tips. Stephen is an excellent interviewer, so give it a listen.

The Interview


Richard Chapo’s Appearance on Crush The Street

My appearance on the Crush The Street Podcast with Kenneth Ameduri discussing how governments are placing barriers on the Internet that will soon make the idea of a world wide web a misnomer as well as other subjects. Give a Listen.

Crush The Street

Escape 9 to 5 Podcast Appearance

Enjoyed appearing on the Escape the 9 to 5 Podcast recently with Ali Salman. Ali is one of the founders of Xoomly, so the discussion ventured into areas related to entrepreneurship that were rather interesting. I’ll be making a subsequent appearance to discuss topics related to startup issues as well, and will post that appearance here as well.

You can give this episode a listen as follows:

What The Death Of Net Neutrality Means For Businesses

Death of net neutrality and the consequences

It’s funny how easily politicians – many of whom don’t really understand the impact of the concepts they’re defending – glibly toss around terms like “net neutrality.” To be honest, though, it’s not really funny at all if you’re a small or medium-sized business. Most officials and politicians who passionately defend net neutrality as an integral component of their “pro-business” agenda are either ignorant of the facts or deliberately being disingenuous. The huge scale-back of net neutrality that the FCC proposes to implement isn’t pro-business at all.

It’s pro-BIG business. [Read more…]

Website ADA Compliance – The Law And Guidance

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed more than a quarter-century ago, but even today many smaller businesses struggle to meet the requirement that their “public ADA compliance and guide for websitesaccommodations” be available to those with disabilities.

Get ready to struggle even more.

You probably didn’t realize it, but the provisions of the ADA apply to commercial websites, too. And the government may soon implement rigorous guidelines that any business with an Internet presence will have to follow. [Read more…]

Appearance on Break The Business Podcast

Recently joined Ryan Kairalla, host of the Break the Business Podcast, to discuss legal issues bands face when operating online. The interview has a bit of interference, but an interesting time nonetheless. Give it a listen and let me know if you have any question.

EntHead Podcast Interview

It was my pleasure to recently appear on the EntHead podcast with Dr. Matthew Gonzales. You can give a listen here:

Richard Chapo appearance on the EntHead Podcast



Liability Insurance for Your Online Business

Running a traditional business necessarily involves risk. Whether it is a child choking on a product in your store or someone slipping on a wet floor, exposure to liability is such a concern that Overview to liability insurance for online businessesbuying liability insurance is part of any “to do” checklist when launching a business.

The same is true for online businesses.

While a customer is unlikely to sue you for slip and falls, lawsuits for defamation, copyright infringement, trademark infringement, and other legal claims are common in the online business arena. Operating online without a liability insurance policy is dangerous. Any lawsuit could wipe out your business and, potentially, force you into personal bankruptcy as well. In light of this, let’s take a look at the basic elements of a liability policy. [Read more…]

Why A Boring Old Arbitration Clause Could Save Your Business

Clauses in the terms and conditions of your site or app. Could any topic be more boring? Well, snap to Sparky. Today, we take a look at the value of including an arbitration clause in the terms and Lady Justice through arbitrationconditions for your online properties. Specifically, how this collection of legalese language can save your bacon in a worst case scenario.

Who Cares – [Yawn]

You should. The terms for your online property acts as a contract with your users. When drafted correctly, the language in the terms can discourage lawsuits against your business, particularly massive lawsuits. The arbitration clause is the key. To understand why, we need to look back to the olden days – 2010. [Read more…]

The Consumer Review Fairness Act Becomes Law

On December 14, 2016, President Obama signed the Consumer Review Fairness Act into law. What is the The Consumer Review Fairness Act and Online Reviewsnature of this new law, and what does it mean for online providers such as websites and apps? Let’s take a closer look.

Consumer Reviews

Consumer reviews are considered one of the more influential bits of information a person considers when determining to make a purchase. Studies have shown 94 percent of people will move forward with a purchase if a company has four or more stars as an aggregate rating on a review site. Given this influence, it is hardly a surprise to learn that online businesses have tried different tactics to control customer reviews – some more ethical than others. [Read more…]