DMCA Takedown Lawyer – Keep Your Content From Being Stolen

DMCA Takedown Lawyer

Highlight, right-click and save. This is how easy it is to steal content online these days. If you content hasn’t been stolen yet, there is a good chance it will be soon. The DMCA is your ammunition for fighting back against the rising tide of content theft online, and so am I.

“I contacted Richard Chapo when I found out someone had copied my site and republished it on another domain. Within 24 hours, he was able to get the site taken down, which was exactly what he promised. If I have another problem with my site content being stolen, I’ll be contacting him again.”

– Marla H.

If someone has stolen your content, contact me today to get the offending website taken down using the form below.  All initial consultations are free.

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