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This is how easy it is to steal content online these days. If you content hasn’t been stolen yet, there is a good chance it will be soon. From people manually copying it to scraping programs, it is the rare website that never experiences this problem. The DMCA is your ammunition for fighting back against the rising tide of content theft online and so am I. Contact me here to get sites stealing your content taken down or read on for more information on dealing with content theft.

Big Problem

You believe in providing your audience with quality content. You spend hours writing it, editing it and editing it again. You’ve put together a site that consists of completely unique content that is highly useful to your followers. Then one day you discover an exact copy of it on another domain. Not only will this make you furious, but it is potentially a huge problem from a purely business perspective. Consider the following:

  • The copied site might replace your site in the rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • The person using the copied content may use it as part of a scheme to spread viruses or malware via the search engines or social media platforms.
  • The infringing party may use the content as part of an identity theft scheme or some other illegal action that will destroy the reputation of your business.
  • The risk is huge. You need to get the content removed and removed now. The DMCA is the law that can be used to do it.


The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 is a federal law created to provide a procedure for handling online copyright infringement disputes. If you create and publish content online, you are automatically vested with the “copyright” in that content. A person who copies and republishes the content without your permission “infringes” on your rights.

When used correctly, the proper application of the DMCA can force sites to take down stolen content in 24 to 48 hours. As a DMCA takedown lawyer, I accomplish this by hunting down the infrastructure platforms for the offending website including, for example, the host for the site. These entities are then served with legal demands calling for the removal of the content in question. Under a quark in Section 512c of the DMCA, these entities must remove the content or risk becoming legally liable for the infringement even though they were not involved in the original unauthorized copying. As you can imagine, most of the entities will cooperate quickly.

Why A DMCA Lawyer?

Why use a lawyer to stop an offending site in its tracks? Aren’t there services that do this? Yes, there are, so let’s look at the reasons a lawyer is preferable for your takedown efforts.

1. The cost is typically the same. In most cases, I offer a flat fee rate of $150 to $200 to handle these matters. Most DMCA removal services are in the $150 to $250 range.

2. In a word – credibility. Picture yourself as the person in charge of handling DMCA claims at a hosting company. You receive one claim that is an automated text script with spelling errors and a second claim professionally created by an attorney you recognize from articles on the web. Which claim are you going to act on and which message are you going to toss into the “to do” pile for later consideration? Here’s a hint – a lawyer can file a lawsuit against you while a random service cannot.

Someone stolen your content? Contact me today to get the offending website taken down.

Richard A. Chapo, Esq.