Google Reveals SEO Changes Through Summer

Google has become relatively transparent in the last few years when it comes to SEO and rankings. The company used to hold information related to search engine optimization as tightly as a CIA agent in the middle of the cold war. No more. Google has even put out a video through Matt Cutts mapping out what is going to happen with the ranking process through the summer of 2013.

Deep Breath

There is some assertion on the web that Cutts fibs a bit in these videos. Hey, everyone likes a good conspiracy. My personal view is he tells the truth, but he does so in a general manner viewers can interpret in different ways. Almost sounds like a lawyer!

The big news, of course, is there is a major Penguin 2.0 update coming in another week or so. If you have been using questionable tactics such as blasting out links, you should be worried. If you haven’t, you should be okay. Whatever your situation, don’t lose your mind on the first day. Give everything a week or two to roll out and then react. Sites are probably going to bounce up and down all day.

Richard A. Chapo, Esq.